Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another festival...

Anyone who lives in Melbourne will know that one thing we are not short of is festivals! From arts and design festivals to film festivals and cycling festivals, street festivals to latin festivals, there truly is something for everyone!

Starting TOMORROW is one that I look forward to every year: The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The festival runs for three and a half weeks, finishing this year on the 26th of April.

Each year me and the man eagerly await for the line-up of comedians to be announced, and waste no time booking a few different shows. Amongst them is always our favorite, Daniel Kitson, as well as a few new comedians we haven't heard of.

This year we've been slightly unorganised and are yet to book tickets as Kitson wasn't listed as performing. However I have recently be alerted to his shows at the Performance Space at RRR via Mint Custard and am now feeling excited again for the festival!

The Comedy Festival programme is available here, and tickets can be purchased through the festival website or at ticketmaster. I recommend you see at least one show, as we all need a bit of a laugh every now and then, and there is so many great comedians to be enjoyed! If you are unsure who to see you can always check out the Gala night*

image from here

*Unfortunately the Gala was last night. I only caught the last half an hour myself. But for NEXT year....


  1. Ahhh the Comedy Festival. I didn't get along every year but I always wished I did.

    I'm looking forward to the Melbourne Writers' Festival. I'm planning on travelling from interstate to attend.

    Melbourne truly is a festival city, isn't it?

  2. I have never been to the Comedy Festival. I really want to go this year though.

  3. i've lived in melbourne for all of my 22 years of existence and only got around to going to the festival last year. saw two shows and had a great time. if pockets allow, will go this year to at least one! last year the better of the two shows i went to was glenn wool. if he's back, check him out.