Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chai in the North

I'm a chai snob. Massive chai snob. The first I ever had was made by my aunty, about 10 years ago, at home with fresh cinammon, cloves and cardamon ground up in a mortar and pestle, cooked up in a big pot on the stove. Proper chai.

Since that first heavenly taste, I pinched the recipe, and often make up a big saucepan of it that will last us a few days. The standard has been set way to high. Now I'm always cautious of ordering it out at cafes, for fear being disappointed with by the watery, spiceless imitation cup of tea so often received.

This morning, after arriving at work way too early, I took a walk around North Fitzroy, and popped into North Island. I've been here many a time, and usually just order a coffee which is always quality, but I thought "what the hell, give the chai a try?"

I must say I was pleasantly suprised! My tea came out in a teapot (enough for two cups! Always a bonus....). It was perfectly milky and spicey...AND the best part is that I received the whole tub of honey to sweeten as I please. I HATE when you order chai and it is sweetened so much all you can taste is honey!

9/10!! (10 being you come to my house and serve it with my breakfast and the weekend newspapers...) I will definitely be back soon for more!

North Island also do simple and yummy breakfasts and lunches, and service is always quick and friendly!!

North Island
111 Scotchmer Street
North Fitzroy


  1. Kate, that sounds fab!! Even more reason for me to get over to North Fitzroy..
    and for the 10/10, it might be weird if I invited myself to your house (though breakfast and the weekend newspapers IS one of my favourite pairings). Any chance/hints of a recipe?

  2. If I come to to neck of the woods, will you show me how the natives have fun?

  3. YUM! I love chai!!! And I really hate it too when someone serves it up with so much honey (especially because they are hiding the total lack of any other flavour).