Monday, May 25, 2009

day tripper

As much as I love Melbourne... like seriously #1 fan kinda love... sometimes it's really nice just to take a little bit of a spontaneous road trip to visit the surrounding areas.

Saturday morning saw Banj and I rising early from our slumber (by early I mean 9am), chucking a mattress and some blankets in the back of the car and hitting the road, with no real plan as to where we were going.

image by anna wolf nyc

We found ourselves heading down along the beach, coming to a stop at Lorne. I was enjoying myself way too much and couldn't really be bothered taking too many photo's, but I have to say I love Lorne. I would move there tomorrow if I could.

We spent two days exploring the coast and rainforest, enjoying ice-cream on the beach, taking lots of walks, eating pub food, and simply relaxing!

I've come home feeling refreshed and inspired, and ready to tackle the week ahead, and daydreaming where we can escape to next? Maybe over Castlemaine way....?


  1. I did have a wonderful weekend but these pictures make me jealous. Lorne looks amazing... Oh well maybe next time.

  2. What a great thing to do! I'm feeling a little (actually, make that a LOT) like I need to get out of Sydney for a weekend very soon. Lucky I'm coming to Melbourne in a couple of weeks!

    But a weekend roadtrip to some kind of Surrounding Area type place is a wonderful idea.

  3. i love Lorne, such a nice day drive from Melbourne.

  4. what a fun day out. i love the waterfall!

  5. We too did a roadtrip this weekend just past.
    We went north east to Alexandra. Such a beautiful area, although driving through the bushfire devestated areas was very confronting.