Thursday, May 28, 2009

I thought you guys were fairies?

Apparently the term Fairy Penguin is not politically correct. Apparently the penguins would rather be called Little Penguin (although they look the perfect penguin size to me).

On the weekend I did a little afternoon trip to Phillip Island. 90 mins in the car, one sandwich, one mandarin, one muffin and 1/2 packet of cheezles and we were there. The last half of the drive is quite pretty, being from central NSW it was a shock to see so much green.

I will admit once we got there and had paid $37 to sit outside in the cold, surrounded by screaming kids and tourists, I was starting to doubt it was worth the drive... then all of a sudden the shore was dotted with little white tummies. It was amazing to see those little dots come waddling up the beach and and turn into squawking playful penguins as they paraded past to their burrows. It was a great experience. The penguins are really noisy and they get really close to the viewing platforms (about 30cm away). I would definitely make the trip again.

Unfortunately you can't take any pictures because the flash will scare the penguins. There is always that one idiot who thinks the rules don't apply to him and takes photos anyway. I decided not to be that idiot this trip.

Tickets and informations here.


  1. ha ha my sister used to work at the penguin parade, by heck those buggers STINK!!! The last time I went my then boyfriend kept saying 'and this one's bringing up the rear', then a new lot would pop out of the waves! So cute.

  2. awwww so cute, i really wanna go!!

  3. haha cool, I've always wanted to go, but haven't got around to it yet. There's also penguins at St Kilda peir but I've never seen them.