Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adventure day!

This weekend I once again found myself having a lovely adventure in the city. This time I met up with my friend Ben for some exploring - we were lucky enough to check out several very good and a not so good exhibition, and have outselves some very good coffee and some very good wine. Wow, that was a lot of 'goods'... what can I say? It was a good day!

image from lamington drive website

Worth checking out is Rik Lee at Lamington Drive, which we mentioned a little while ago, Creepy at Gorker Gallery and Ghost Patrol and Sean Edward Whelan at No-Vacancy. And when I say "worth checking out" I really really mean it. I always have good intentions for checking out all the amazing exhibitions across Melbourne but often never make it to them, but on Saturday, despite the miserable rain and wind, I made it. So if I can, you can!

image from Seven Seeds website

I FINALLY made it to Seven Seeds, and now I see what the big deal! I love the coffee, I love the building, and even though I resisted the lamingtons and cupcakes they looked SO good and I am sure I will be back again soon to love them too!

We finished the day with wine at South Paw on Gertrude Street! Talk about a dream day. Big thanks to Ben for letting me tag along for some stickering as well....

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  1. Good day indeed! We'll have to do it again soon :)