Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It was always too good to be true...

picture from flight global

Tiger's $28 flights Melbourne to Canberra are soon to be a thing of the past. Tiger is dumping the flight to focus on the more profitable Melbourne to Sydney route. 

A round trip between Melbourne and Canberra could be purchased for as little as $56, after October the next cheapest option will be $170. I know I am probably the only person in the country interested in traveling between Melbourne and Canberra but this is a huge price difference.

I was just having a little look at the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism and not only is it seriously lacking in information, there seems to be nothing on Domestic tourism. It is pretty much geared towards international visitors and capturing foreign tourist dollars. Well what about my tourist dollars? Why isn't anyone trying to cater to my travel needs? I would have thought during this tough financial time the government would want to encourage us to stay local and spend our dollars here.

And while I am having a rant what the hell does Tourism Australia do?  Their website states one of their main objectives is to influence Australians to travel in Australia. Well Tourism Australia, what have you done for me lately? I'd love to do some domestic travelling but frankly I see more promos for New Zealand and it is cheaper for me to fly there then it is for me to fly to most Aussie destinations. 

Ok, Ok, rant over. 


  1. oh i know!! so shit!! i love the cheap canberra flights, but maybe thats just cos i know so many ppl there but most wouldn't care..

    and i know what you mean about tourism australia and the expense and lack of information about what's around. last year i went to tassie for a week and this year i'm going to vietnam/cambodia/laos for four weeks and it will cost the same amount... ridiculous!!

  2. Freckles are awesome, I wish I had more!!!