Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday in the city...

Yesterday I had a visit to the city to catch up with my friend Sophie who was back in town for the weekend. We met up at Little Cupcakes - I have been meaning to get here for ages and try out their delicious cupcakes so it was an exciting day for me!!

Little Cupcakes is a lovely place to waste away a few hours in the afternoon people watching and chatting with an old friend. Their coffee was great and their cupcakes were DELICIOUS! We had carrot, white chocolate and some sort of chocolate ganache, and by all reports, all were good!

The shop was VERY busy, there was quite a line of people waiting to purchase themselves an afternoon treat, but we didn't have to wait to long at all. The service was great and the staff were helpful and friendly! They also do custom orders for special occasions! Yum!

Of course I forgot my camera... but at least I have an excuse to go back again soon :)

Shop 7, Degraves Street, City.
(03) 9077 0413

image from little cupcakes website


  1. Oh yum I have been meaning to go here for a while! Now did you have a carrot, white chocolate and Ganache cupcake? as in all in one? Sounds a little funky to me but the picture looks great.

  2. hehe no, i meant carrot AND white chocolate AND ganache... hehe


  3. Oh why didn't you tell me about this place while I was down there... A must for the next trip!!!

  4. I was there on Friday and made a post about it too - they were delicious! Such delicate little things, I'm amazed I got them home safely.

  5. Yum indeed. And cake indeed.
    Speaking of such things, I have been meaning to try the cake at Alimentari (thanks for your comment on my post Kate!).
    Anyone up for a cake quest to Alimentari?

  6. me me me me me!!! mmm cake! tell me where and when and i will be there :) i LOVE cake adventures :)

  7. Alors... Alimentari locates itself at 251 Brunswick St Fitzroy, just south of Johnston St, and I will plan to go there one afternoon this week or next. 3pm or so probably, flexible, Wed Thurs or Friday. When is a good time for you?
    Anyone welcome to come along! the more the merrier (the more cakes we can try... :)) and yes that smiley does deliberately have a double chin, it eats too much cake.

  8. oh no i work from 1:30 til 5:30 monday to friday, just for the next few weeks, let me know when u might be heading there on the weekend!! yum yum! :)) hehe

  9. sugardeaux cupcakes at amsterdam cafe in richmond is worth trying out too. SO GOOD! ^_^

  10. Interesting post. In the interests of research I've been back to Little Cupcakes several times and each time been disappointed by the dry, almost crumbly sponge. They're pretty to look at but I've yet to find a cupcake in Melbourne which compares to those in Hummingbird Bakery in London, or my own kitchen!