Thursday, April 22, 2010

The reason I've been busy...

This isn't strictly Melbourne related but it explains my lack of Melbourne related posting. I was away in Nepal volunteering in a small children's home. The trip to Nepal was enough to completely change my ways of thinking but working at the home changed the way i feel. Being around a group of children who want nothing more than your attention and affection (and the occasional candy) breaks your heart.

It was hard. There were days where i cried a lot. It was difficult to know i couldn't fix everything for them. The whole time i was there i kept thinking "i am going back to warm showers, hot meals and a comfortable bed and these children will still be here feeling hungry and cold."

i have been trying to raise enough funds to get all of the children into a private school. i don't mean a school with a fancy pool, computer labs and state of the art gym. i don't even mean a school where they have music or art class. i have simply been trying to arrange them an education at a school where the teachers can read and write in Nepali and have basic teaching skills.

So far i haven't been able to achieve this goal... i'm about $1000 away from them all being able to go to school for a year. Everyone keeps telling me that i should be proud of the money i have raised for them so far but i know nearly getting them into school doesn't help anyone. It doesn't make it easier when our website broke, paypal froze our account and i had to spend a small fortune to register a business name in order to open a bank account.

I keep telling myself not to focus on the problems, just think how good it will be to see them all off to a good school. So after you read this cross your fingers for me. I need all the good thoughts and luck I can muster.

And if you are looking for an international volunteer placement check out the website. All the fees go to supporting the children and it is a locally run organisation. Volunteer in Nepal.


  1. hey Amanda, how can we help out? Id love to donate some money and maybe ask my readers to help too

  2. This is so lovely, most often we take for granted what we have. We so blessed here in Australia and I would like to help out. Let me know how I can donate to this beautiful cause.