Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More on Children in Nepal...

Recently I wrote a post on volunteering in Nepal. A number of people expressed an interest in helping out. When I wrote the post I was home in Australia and I wasn't sure the best advice to give people... Two weeks ago I arrived back in Nepal. The children's home I was working at has been facing so many problems; the website crashed and couldn't take donations, the management board had a falling out and decided to split into two separate homes, finance problems, health problems...

I have been totally disillusioned. I didn't have enough money to solve the financial problems of two orphanages. I am a student. I have very limited resources and no experience working with children. I suddenly had two organisations asking me for financial and child welfare guidance. It was a major head fuck. I mean I am the kind of person who is too irresponsible to keep a houseplant alive.

I was ready to bail. I wanted out. It was too big. And then I went on an over night trip and saw some children from the village. They have nothing. They are dirty, sick, hungry, uneducated and at some point all of the children who I have been working with were in this situation. I suddenly realised I've got this. I can't fix everything but I can try to help instead of freaking out.

So for those of you who wanted to donate last time the website is up and running again. Click here to view. I can monitor all the donations and ensure the money goes to the right places. Also it'd be great if some of you could put a link up to the site on your blogs. It helps our google rating which hopefully will help us get some more volunteers.


  1. Every little bit you can do (and we can give) will make a difference.

  2. Just wanted to say hi as your latest follower and fellow Melburnian. You have a fantastic blog going here and are doing some wonderful things for Nepal- keep up the good work.

    FF xo