Friday, February 27, 2009

A little bit about Amanda...

So I guess this is where i tell you about me...

I have a thing for kettles and teapots. I collect postcards. I only dance when I'm drunk. I love rainy days. I can never decide if i want to capitalise the word I or leave it as a little i. Getting things in the mail makes my heart smile. My favourite pizza is pepperoni. And right now I am exactly where i want to be.

Oh you want to know about me and Melbourne?

Well it was about two months ago, we had this passionate start. She showed me a really good time but with Canberra as my last lover she didn't really need to try so hard to impress me. i felt like i had stumbled into an urban wonderland. I moved into a place on the edge of the city, everything I wanted was at my door.

Then the bushfires came. It was impossible to get work, my funds dried up, and we had the hottest day on record. For a while Melbourne was a little somber and I had sometime to think. I had come to Melbourne to try new things and all I had done was party. I had been taking her for granted and she had so much to offer...

i found you in melbourne will be the space i write about the who what, where, when and how that i stumble upon in my new city. I have a long list of things I want to try and I'm keen to meet as many new people as I can (maybe i'll introduce you).

i hope you enjoy.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Good on you! I've lived in Melbourne now for 12 years and definitely forgot how wonderful this city is. Looking forward to re-learn about the city from the new-gal-on-the-block!

  2. we share a very similar story.

    thanks for the nice comment today.