Friday, February 27, 2009

something about kate

My Melbourne experience began in a crazy, dirty sharehouse with 5 others. All students. It certainly was a fun adventure, always a party and very little sleep, but as someone who was trying to work fulltime and be a reasonably functioning person during my working hours, it only lasted three months. For the next 3 years I moved around, 4 different houses, a number of different people. Now I've finally settled out in the suburbs with the man. Bit of a shock to the system being out in the bush away from all the action, but I'm actually really happy out here!

The longer I have been living here the harder it has gotten to meet new people. I've met some great people and have a few awesome friends, but its hard to expand my social circle when the only place you go is work. I suppose up until recently, when I decided it was time to make more of an effort and put myself back out there , I had stopped TRYING, but I also feel that there is a definite initial window of opportunity where it is easier to meet people because you are "new in town". Make the most of it!!

Melbourne is such an amazing city, so much to do and so much to offer. I moved here with the intention of "getting a foot in the door" of the jewellery industry and then moving back closer to my family, but it was love at first sight! I will probably never leave.

About me.... what can I say? Nothing too exciting to tell. I'm a jeweller. I like creative adventures and exploring new things and I LOVE to eat. A lot. I hate this part where you have to talk about yourself. I could never speed date.

If you want to know about me you will have to wait until I figure it out for myself. If you want to get to know about Melbourne, come back soon!


  1. Hi Kate,
    Well done and as I mentioned to Amanda that I have forgotten how wonderful Melbourne is after being here for 12 years. Glad someone decided to write about this lovely city. Looking forward to read the upcoming posts of this city which I called my writing home. :)
    Cheers and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You and Amanda will be feeding my Melbourne-homesickness with this! But I'm not complaining.

    Maybe I can write some bits and pieces for it when I come to visit?

  3. Miss sophie you can write anything you like for us :)

  4. Kate, I know this feeling all too well. I've lived in Melbourne all my life and meeting people is very hard going when you don't get out a lot. One of my resolutions for this year has been to meet people, get phone numbers and email addresses, and actually contact them. So far I'm doing OK. Work for me is the biggest hurdle, and I decided not to go out drinking with people from work anymore. It's one of the best decisions I've made! I look forward to reading about your Melbourne adventures.

  5. hi Kate, like yr blog, thanks for swinging by mine!all the best...