Sunday, March 22, 2009


So Kate and I have been talking about doing some posts on people in Melbourne who make this city such a crazy and wonderful place to live. It took me a little while but here it is, hopefully the first of many: DRAB - Paste-up artist and drunken ninja .

If Mr Drab was as bold with his art as he was with the ladies there'd be one of his paste-ups on every wall in Melbourne. Instead of talking about his own work we talk banking, and software, and printing costs, and getting another beer.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon, he's nice to look at and I'm a little intimidated so I don't rush.

After a few pots we get around to the topic; Paste-up. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to art so he patiently explains some of the finer points and gives me a brief on street art in general. "Its not just about the art, it is also about where it its" he explains.

And then finally we make it to his work...

Drab is relatively new to paste-up. He started drawing at six and has a background in film production. After watching a Melbourne street art documentary, he did his first paste-up in January.

"I had all these ideas, ideas which never actually did anything. These guys were out there just doing it and I thought why aren't I?" he said.

Since then a fresh paste-up crop of unusual critters, sullen girls and guys with guns have sprung up over Brunswick.

Ok so I am no art critic, in fact, when I try to tell Drab I like his pieces he laughs at me, "People are out there pushing it, what I'm doing is nothing."

I disagree. I know what I like and i have a major jones for his work. It is playful and irreverent. When I walk around a corner and stumble onto a new piece it makes me smile like I'm part of a secret inside joke.

I'm lazy so I stole the pictures from Drab's blog and they remain his property (blah blah blah don't steal them ok!). Check out DRAB ART for more pictures and locations of new paste-ups.


  1. Nice! I've seen a couple of these and it's great to find out about the artist.

  2. Haha, love those! I like that last picture, too :) Melbourne sounds great, I'd love to see it one day...

    xx. mavi

  3. yup, its pretty cute hey! xxx

    PS. Nice to find ur blog... I love reading blogs about Melbourne town :)