Friday, March 20, 2009

Lovely laneways

One of my FAVORITE Melbourne things (along with so many other people I'm sure...) is all the beautiful, dirty, graffiti-ed busy lane ways. I love wandering up and down and exploring the hidden galleries, cafes and shops...

For anyone not from Melbourne there are some pretty amazing photo's on flickr.

I especially love graffiti and never cease to be amazed at how clever these artists are. For more Melbourne street art check out Streets of Melbourne.

image by craftaroo


  1. this would be my favourite thing about Melbourne too, along with spotting different artist graffiti around the laneways.

  2. hear hear. I reckon the best art galleries in Melbourne are the streets themselves, because they're always changing, which in itself can be a good and bad thing. Sometimes you can spot a really beautiful piece of street art and then walk past the same spot a few weeks later and it's been covered up by something else.

  3. The laneway of Melbourne is the best place to view street art plus people watching. I got all sorts of character sketch from Flinders Lane etc ...

  4. Thanks for the feedback Kate, See you soon on BY&M :)