Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Green Refectory

Some people call it the Illy cafe due to the big red sign out the front, some people call it the cafe with no name, but to those in the know its the Green Refectory.

Located three blocks down Sydney Rd this busy little cafe is a great place to kick off the morning with a coffee and the paper or waste away the afternoon with tea and cake. It is cute as a button with its mismatched chairs and communal benches. There is a really laid back feel to the place and the front windows provide an optimum people watching spot.

The staff are extremely friendly and always welcoming. The downside to this is the wait for food tends to be quite lengthy. I strongly suggest you don't visit the Green Refectory if you are in a hurry or really hungry. The staff tend to get a little distracted and have actually forgotten my order both times I had something other then cake.

Having said that, if you don't mind the wait, the food is well worth it. I have tried the muffins, toasted focaccia, pancakes and vanilla slice and all were mouth watering. The prices are reasonable and the servings are large, it is possible to share one meal between two. let me just say it again, the cakes here are spectacular.

The Green Refectory qualifies for $20 date status. Two coffees and two cakes are approximately $15, depending on your cake selection it could be a little less. Due to the relaxed service you will have PLENTY of time to chat with your date and get to know each other. I recommend trying to get a seat in the courtyard where it is quiet enough for conversation.

The Green Refectory
115 Sydney Rd


  1. I used to go here all the time when I was at TAFE in Brunswick but I never knew there was an outside area! I agree, the cakes are excellent. I also used to enjoy the little vegie and feta quiches with tomato relish. Cheap and delcious for on-the-run-eating. I don't know if they still do those, but I'm craving one right now...

  2. PS, I'm loving these $20 date night posts. Keep it up!

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