Monday, March 9, 2009

Ikea is the devil.

The mission: Ikea on a Monday Public holiday. Yes I possibly am nuts.
The task: Exchanging a frame I bought last weekend. In and out.

Estimated time: 15 minutes. Call me optimistic.

I love ikea*. I love it like I love officeworks and bunnings. As in, totally unnecessary but you always find something you never knew that you always needed! The perfect SOMETHING you need to buy right now that is going to change your life forever. 100 tealights. 1000 paperclips assorted by size and colour. Or maybe an apple corer?**

(image by Wayan Vota)

So my mission begins at 1300 hours. It doesn't start well, to say the least. Car park - full. Not just full but backed up out onto the street. Why didn't I quit while I was ahead? I soldier on, tell myself "you've come this far! Just do it! In and out"....

.....20 minutes later....I finally have a park. (Thankyou kind sir, who waved to me to tell me you were leaving your park. You made my day.)

I wade my way through the trolleys and the screaming children and the yelling pregnant women to the exchange and returns section. Take a number...24...take a seat and wait. "Next please. Number 7" Oh. God. This is going to take all day. The frame only cost me 19.95, is this really worth it? Should I just quit while I'm ahead?.....

....25 minutes later, my re-credited credit card in hand.... back into the store to find the correct frame that I wanted in the first place....

Oooh, and oven mitts for only $1.95!
image by poolie

*But not so much on public holidays.
** I stand by this purchase being my best yet.
$3.95, it cores AND slices apples into 8 pieces. Simultaneously. And its green. Need I say more?


  1. oh.. oven mits.. I hope you actually use them. i find a tea towel works just as well.. My oven mits are in the bottom of the tea towel drawer!!!

  2. Ikea... I love it, but I get really freaked out every time I go there. Especially when it's busy -- all the people, the directions, the fact that no one walks quickly. I walk quickly even when I'm not in a hurry and I'm perpetually afraid of stepping on slow people's heels.

    Eeek! But yes, I love Ikea like I love Bunnings and Officeworks. But Bunnings is probably my favourite.

  3. I absolutely adore Ikea! Love it when you said:
    "The perfect SOMETHING you need to buy right now that is going to change your life forever." It sums up not only my Ikea shopping experience but most of my other shopping experience!!! Well Done!

  4. heh I work at Ikea and it's all about having the right attitude I think. If you come to Ikea thinking it's going to be a quick trip without any hassles then you are just asking for a headache and a bad mood!

  5. Last time I visited IKEA it was definitely red-zone time. We literally walked the arrowed-pathway and got the heck out! haha