Thursday, March 12, 2009



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The other day I attempted something I have never done before. I went to my local and had a beer all by myself. i was walking past the pub and I thought "I really feel like a drink". It didn't look busy so I went in.

I am not sure what possessed me. Drinking alone is not the kind of behaviour I usually engage in. I know that on TV women drink in bars alone all the time but I had it in my head that in reality the only women doing it where alcoholics and prostitutes.

I thought I'd feel uncomfortable perched at the end of the bar with nobody to talk to but it turns out I wasn't alone for very long. The bar staff kept me company, we had a great chat about the merits of living in an atrium and the best 3 fruits to have with you when stranded on an island. I also met a few of the regulars and scored myself a few free pots.

What was supposed to be one quick drink turned into drinks after closing with the staff. I ended up having a surprisingly entertaining night but it very easily could have gone the other way. Below are some tips for drinking alone (some of which I am struggling with):

1. If you are a novice to drinking alone try going to your local on a quiet night and sit at the bar. A good bar tender will take pity on you and engage you in polite conversation. If you go on a busy night they won't have time and you will end up feeling in the way.

2. Don't get hammered. No one wants to be the drunk girl being shoved into a taxi by a group of people they don't know.

3. Don't go alone every time or to often. This is the tip I am having the most trouble with. Now whenever I get bored I want to go for a beer (if you saw the staff at my local you would understand why).

4. Girls dress casual. Casual = approachable. You don't want to waste your good outfits on a half empty bar.

5. Keep in mind the staff are paid to be friendly.


  1. Another tip is to take something to do. Read a book, write in a journal, do some knitting. People will have an "in" for conversation and you'll also feel like you're there for a purpose other than drinking on your own.

    Good on you for alone drinking! You should do it more.

  2. Birdie you are so right. I can't believe I forgot that one.

    Besides, I went out again last night and I broke tip number 2 and 5. So forget everything I said. I don't know anything.

  3. haha love it. I've been too scared to go down to my new local on my own, but it doesn't sound that bad after all. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Yes! This is exactly what a local is for! But sometimes the nearest local isn't the best local for this putpose :(

  5. Oops. I meant purpose. God knows what a putpose is...

  6. I'm a bartender, I love it when people come in alone and want to have a chat. It isn't taking pity, it's what I and a lot of bartenders like doing.

  7. Amanda,

    Thanks for leaving me a sweet comment. I was laughing reading your other blog and even found one of my neckcoolers/dress featured there too! Yey! you made my day :)

  8. I was going to suggest taking a book, but see I've been beaten to it.

    I love going to the cinema by myself which some consider sad, but I love it. I can cry and I don't have to share my bag of lollies.

  9. yeah i love movies on my own too! you can see whatEVER you want...