Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday cycle

Sometimes I can be really lazy. And I find I can't be bothered leaving the house when I have no money to spend or anyone to do something fun with.

However, there are heaps of free things to do in Melbourne on your own, or with friends, and checking out the local bike tracks is always an adventure.

I'm not particularly a cycler, or much of a physical-activity-outdoors-er in general, but we are lucky to live in a city criss-crossed with amazing bicycle tracks, tucked away off the mainroads, and weaving around the river. I am even luckier that these tracks pretty much come straight to my door.

On Sunday I went for a ride along the tracks between Eltham and Templestowe but there are plenty of others in every area. For a list of the top ten cycling paths around Melbourne visit here.

So, like I said... not much of a cycler... infact I haven't ridden in about 12 years, and even then it was only as far as the edge of my driveway. Up and back. Up and back.

However, I suprised myself! It took me a little while to get used to the gears (my hot pink cycle of years ago never had these fancy GEARS!). There was a lot of swearing and complaining, and I will admit there was a few hills that I got off and pushed my bike up... but it was great to get out of the house! It was good to not sit around waiting for something to happen.

I'm not sure I will ever become an avid cycler, or buy a funky lycra outfit, but it was great to be out in the sunshine!


  1. Oh I loved the cycle paths! I lived near the Merry Creek one in a number of different houses I lived in over my years in Melbourne. They really are lovely.

  2. Hehe I was just talking up the local bike paths to a new-to-Melbourne-person today!! They are great! But I have to admit to also not being the biggest fan of those lycra outfits.

  3. There are some great trails around around aren't there! Though Eltham is hilly enough to discourage me on my lazier days. Good on you... think I'll go for a ride this weekend.