Friday, April 17, 2009

Local product: Norf Guide

Has anybody seen the latest little printed guide to the "best places, spaces and unique little discoveries that can only be found in Melbourne's inner north" floating around the city?

Brace yourself for Norf Guide.

I first came across this delightful little guide when its maker Troy approached our store to be featured in this funky booklet, and when the final products were delivered to our shop, boy were we glad we had chosen to be involved! We spent several coffees browsing the pages and circling which shops we were to go exploring first.

The Norf Guide is a must have for anybody keen to explore the northern suburbs. There is everything from restaurants to vintage shops to bars to bookshops within its pages, and the best part is that this first edition features spaces and places that could only join if they were invited. So they must be worth a visit!

Head over the Norf Guide website to download a copy or see where you can pick one up, as well as finding out about upcoming events and announcements. Best of all... it's free!

(image from norf guide website.)


  1. Hmmm there doesn't appear to be an updated version or a link to guides of other areas... maybe you will just have to come enjoy the north?