Monday, April 20, 2009

always greener...

One of the first thing I fell in love with in Melbourne is the abundance of green parks and gardens scattered throughout the city. It seems they just pop up around every corner. It's so lovely to sit under the big old trees and feel a million miles away, lying on the grass daydreaming.... (I always feel like I'm in Ferngully....remember that cartoon?)

My favorites are the treasury gardens and the fitzroy gardens. I love the big old trees just begging to be climbed, and I love being able to see the tops of the buildings poking out through the leaves.

There are lots of other great parks to explore like Royal Botanic Gardens, Carlton Gardens, Edinburgh Gardens and Flagstaff Gardens, but I also love the pokey little neighbourhood ones that just pop up out of nowhere, like the one on Leicester Street in Fitzroy, and the one near Melbourne University also on a Leicester Street, in Carlton.

If anyone else has some good ones let us know... I think a picnic is in order before the weather gets too miserable!


  1. Ah yes, I've also been making the most of being able to go outside and enjoy the sun, while it lasts!

  2. How beautiful that is! I am such a fan of picnics in the spring. I usually do one on the first nice day of spring. This year, however, since I'm at school and living in the dorms, I couldn't make the sandwiches myself. We had to go to a deli. Much less fun.

  3. Lovely pics. Melbourne is beautiful. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog- yes I must say I did feel much better once the sorting was done it was VERY much needed. I visited Melbourne last year with my children - first time ever. You are right the parks right in the middle of the city and the river side walks were lovely. We stayed right in the city -little colins st I think and we loved it. Both my son and I would like to live there or at least visit more often!