Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank you. WATER

I know recently there has been a barrage of media attention telling us how stupid it is to drink bottled water and how you are a complete twat if you pay for something you can get free from the tap. Usually I'd agree, but...

Thank you. WATER is different. 100% of the profits go to funding clean water projects in developing countries. Buying one bottle of water can provide clean water for one person for a month. There is currently a project underway in Uganda helping to provide clean water to refugees.

According to the Thank you. WATER website Australians spend approx. $600 million on bottled water a year. We shouldn't, but we do. I figure if we are going to waste our money we might as well do it on a bottle of water which supports a good cause.

The contact address for Thank you Water is Doncaster Heights (which google tells me is in Melbourne). I think this qualifies as a Melbourne post? If not I got my bottle of Thank you Water from the 7-Eleven at the beginning of Sydney Rd in Brunswick, definitely in Melbourne.

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  1. i can't wait to go and get me some of this. is it still wasteful if you don't really need it but its supporting a good cause? kind of i guess....