Friday, April 24, 2009

leaaa-viiiing on a jet plane....

Tomorrow we are off to the airport and away on a bit of an unexpected trip to see our family. Not sure when we'll be back.

I love and hate airports. They make me cry, and I can never quite work out whether it is happy or sad tears? Being there brings back memories of loved ones going far far away and also coming home. The happiest and saddest days. I love the arrivals, seeing everybody eagerly awaiting for family and friends, and seeing how happy people are to be reunited, but the departures just break my heart.

This isn't specifically a Melbourne related post, but when I think of airports its definitely the Melbourne one that comes to mind, so I think it's allowed...

Have a nice weekend!

image from standard13


  1. Nice pic! And nice start into the week!

  2. I always get a bit teary at the airport - regardless of the reason for being there.
    It used to get embarrasing back when I'd sometimes have to pick up clients from the airport. I'd blame it on hayfever!!