Saturday, June 6, 2009


Japanese crepes? I wasn't aware the Japanese were big crepe eaters but I'm not one to say no to sweets. They claim to be the first AND the best Japanese crepes in the city. Now I can neither confirm nor deny this but they were pretty dam good.

If you like sweets and have no regard for your sugar intake I recommend you try them. I had the cold nutella Ice cream crepe. After three days in a sugar coma I can tell you I'll be going back for more.

If you aren't into sweets the creepy fake plastic display case is worth a look just for the humours kitch Japanese factor. Keep an eye out for the plastic tuna crepe( if anyone is willing to try the tuna crepe I'd love to come along and document).

image from Harajuku Crepes


  1. i love harajuku crepes - so irrstible :)
    the strawberry one is YUMMY!

  2. tuna crepe sound um. er. interesting.
    i want dutch pancakes. does anyone know where to get them in melbourne?

  3. I'll find YOU in Melbourne, one of these days!
    (I'm not a stalker, really. And I can say this coz I've met you, even if it was only for 5 minutes.)

    I don't reckon I could take Harajuku. I had a nutella crepe or two tonight and I'm still bouncing off the walls! But the smell of them is always gooorgeous.

  4. amazing...stumbled across this place couple nights ago and went for the nuteela/custard/strawberry one, so good

  5. I've walked past this place so many times, but never actually gone in. Next time I'm in Melbourne I might have to give it a try!

  6. I think also known as Ichipan Crepes...
    The hot banana and icecream crepe is pretty good. Good entertainment watching them make the crepes too... :)

  7. I was eating Nutella crepes all the way through France & Japan last year. So addictive! I caved as soon as I saw this place open :)