Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have a hair emergency

Ok this post isn't about what I have found in Melbourne it is about what I am hoping someone else has found... A decent hairdresser!

This is what I am starting to look like. Picture from Spy to die 4

I have a long history of bad hair. It is true. I was a kid in the 80s so courtesy of my mum, i had: a mullet, a bowl cut and a really big teased fringe. Things didn't really improve that much when I started making my own hair decisions, I had pink, blue, purple, choc top (blonde on top, dark on the bottom).

My hair has been a disaster until I met Paul. Paul was my hairdresser/housemate in Canberra. He was a hairdressing god. He was the best colourist I have been to and he had me rocking an awesome fringe for a while.

Alas, now I live in Melbourne and I can't drive 8 hours just for a cut. I need help! I haven't had a hair cut since I moved here. My fringe now covers my nose and I have at least four inches of blonde at the top with brown at the bottom.

I understand most men will have stopped reading by now so ladies if you have a good hairdresser PLEASE let me know! It has gotten to the stage where I actually want to cry when I look at my hair.


  1. Do you have a budget?

    I've been very happy with the haircuts I've had at Chainsaw Massacre in Carlton, though they are at the outer reaches of what I'm willing to pay (~$70).

  2. Oh, I hate this problem. I've got curly hair, so I have the extra struggle of trying to find a hairdresser who can cut curls and doesn't just want to straighten them (come on people, I walked in with curly hair, isn't that a pretty good indication that I usually wear it curly??).

    I've got a great hairdresser in Sydney, so I don't know what I'll do when I leave here. I wasn't ever able to find one in Melbourne, I just had a series of haircuts I was unhappy with.

  3. I'm a bloke but I've hardly ever had a problem with Hair Studio 671 in Rathdowne St Carlton North (over the road from Curtain Square near La Porchetta). Connie, the owner, is pretty good at what she does.

  4. Try Biba on Gertrude st....and if you're on a budget try Biba Academy on Johnston St, where they train student hairdressers (supervised though!)

  5. I go to the Biba Hair Academy on Swanston St, opposite RMIT. $25 and I'm happy.

  6. Don't go to the Biba Academy! I wasted 3 hours there getting a haircut - the hairdresser took 45 minutes just to do my fringe! And she was about to graduate, so not exactly her first time. I don't actually have any helpful suggestions though as I'm in a pretty similar boat.

  7. I reckon Biba on Gertrude Street is fantastic- I'm a curly top and they really know how to cut curls-I'd ask for Mariam- she cuts my hair and I've heard from other people that shes also a great colorist.