Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Humble Vintage

I love this idea! Saw it today in three thousand and had to spread the love a little further. The Humble Vintage will rent you a bike (a cool one at that) for $20 a day or $60 dollars for the week, and throw in a helmet, lock, lights and a map! The only problem I see is that I probably won't want to part with it...

More information at their site or email them at hire[at]

image from The Humble Vintage

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  1. Hi Amanda - wow that's actually pretty reasonable isn't it? I did bike hire for just a few hours for the same amount on Santa Monica beach, might have to do this when the weather picks up.

    P.S Did you end up making my capsicum and ricotta fettuccine for your sister the other night? If so - how did it go!?