Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Skipping girl up in lights!

video by Michael

Has anyone seen The Skipping Girl Vinegar is back up in lights? I had heard rumours that it was but was yet to see it with my own eyes. Michael from My Aching Head sent us over a snippet of the girl in action. Thanks!

Explained here:

"The "Little Audrey" neon sign, also known as "Skipping Girl" first lit up the sky in the 1930s. But it has not been fully illuminated in eight years.

The sign was taken down after a public appeal raised more than $100,000 for repairs and maintenance.

Martin Purlow of the National Trust said the Skipping Girl was nominated as a children's icon. "Obviously a lot of people have got a lot of love for Audrey so it really hasn't been difficult to get the public's imagination with this project," he said.

Jenny Hume of the Friends of Audrey said they collected 3,000 signatures of people wanting to get her skipping again.

"They all said, I remember when. We remember," she said.

The sign will be powered by renewable energy when "Little Audrey" is turned back on in June.

The 67 year old sign fell into disrepair and was turned off in 2001."

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  1. I have never been to see the skipping girl but I am glad to hear she is back up in lights. I have seen so many photos of her, she an icon. I might have to go check her out now she is back.