Friday, July 17, 2009

We're Back!!!

Thanks for waiting. I admit the temporary lull in posting was my fault again. Are you beginning to notice a pattern? I decided to be a little gypsy for a few weeks. I have settled for now and so (whooooo) we can get back to the general appreciation of our great city.

We have a couple of little changes planned. The main one is we are hoping to have more guest posts from people telling us there secret spots around Melbourne. Though, this change really depends on you guys and if anyone is willing to share the local knowledge. Anyway more about that down the track...

So it is again time for one of those public service posts where I share something of an informative rather then entertaining nature. I want to tell you about my mechanic. I am not sure if it is a girl thing or a general lacking in mechanical knowledge thing but I hate taking my car to the mechanic. When I get there I have no idea what needs doing, I don't know how much it should cost, the first time I took my car in to the shop I wasn't even sure what type of car it was (a white one?)

Picture from Epic Fail

Being originally from NSW my car is still registered here. I recently needed to get a roadworthy certificate (a rego check if you are in NSW). I had never had to do this before. I called up the guys at Tech Drive and asked them if they could do a NSW rego check here in Melbourne... they didn't know.

At first I was thinking maybe I should go somewhere else but then I realised here is a mechanic that could have just taken my money, done nothing to my car and sent me on my way. After some research I booked my car in. The guys who work in the shop out there were so helpful. They explained what they where going to do and how long it would take. They also called me up and explained the work that needed doing to pass roadworthy and how much it would cost.

All up for my roadworthy certificate, some adjustments that I can't remember and new wiper blades (they always replace those but it is so much better afterwards) it was only $119. I can't believe how cheap it was and how nice and patient the mechanic was with me. I recommend them if you need something done to your car and you have no idea like me.

So all that said Tech Drive is out in Greensborough. It's a bit of a hike but it saved me about $100 on my last roadworthy (in NSW you have to get a roadworthy every year).

Tech Drive
17 Simms Rd
Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia
+61 3 9432 8882

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  1. NICE! i love techdrive.
    my first three roadworthy's here were both over $500. ridiculous! I suppose that I have no idea of knowing whether things were done that didn't really need doing, and I had no choice but to do it as I hadn't yet changed over my NSW number plates.
    The guy at techdrive is always so helpful and seems so honest and I never feel like I'm getting ripped off.