Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local Product: i make stuff

...well, I do... but I'm actually referring to this:

A new book from handmadelife that asked 25 makers from around the world 'why they make stuff'. Illustrators, jewellers, painters, graffiti artists, toymakerts, musicians, sculptors.... the list goes on and on... let us into their world and share why they do what they do, including these lovely locals.

It might just be because I'm nosey, but I love these kind of books. I love looking into people's lives and see where and what it is that makes them tick and keeps them creating. I'm hanging out to get my own copy! You can pick your own copy up here, and head on over the the handmadelife blog to read more.

All images from handmadelife


  1. thanks for the plug. We love your blog! hml

  2. Oh I love these kinds of books... they make me terribly jealous though.