Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Moroccan Soup Bar

First thing, make a reservation. We arrived at 6.30pm on a weeknight and the place was packed. The staff seemed less then impressed that we had just turned up without bothering to make a booking. After being given a table on the condition we had finished our meals by 7.30, we were starting to wonder if we should have gone somewhere else but I am glad to say the food was AMAZING! The pictures below do not do it justice. 

The menu is a spoken menu, meaning the waitress describes the food to you. I found this a little confronting because I like to look at all the options. I admit we were a bit cowardly and selected the first thing she told us about. It was worth it. The two person banquet was enough food for a small country. Two Vegetarian courses and coffee and cake/slice. I can't talk it up enough. I have no idea what we were eating but it was so full of flavor. I could eat there every night.

  • 183 St Georges Rd
    Fitzroy North 3068 VIC
  • Phone: (03) 9482 4240
  • Open Tuesday - Sunday for dinner
  • cash only


  1. Not sure if their booking policy has changed but you used to only be able to book for large (6+people) groups.

    The owner also gives away a free meal each night, though I read once it is sometimes to people that annoy her. What a great spiritual practice :)

    Oh and blokes, don't touch a passing waitress, I know its small and cramped and you might want to grab her attention as she squeezes by your table but most employees are Muslim and touching is not ok!

  2. oh yes that was so yum, lets go there again soon please!!

  3. oh yum! i love moroccan soup bar. always cosy atmosphere and delicious food. the banquets are def the way to go.

  4. The food looks so goood, I'm hungry just thinking about it! I have to go there!