Saturday, September 12, 2009

Melbourne Dossier

A while ago we said we wanted to do a few posts on people we met and admired around Melbourne. I am finally delivering one of mine. 

I met Michael in a bar, the way I meet most of the men in my life. He does a number of cool things, animation and such, but mostly he makes me laugh and there is nothing cooler then that. I thought I'd show you one of his creations and then hit him with some questions... so BIG thanks to Michael and here we go:

Michael - fledgling animator/filmmaker/bartender/gallery volunteer

How long have you been living in Melbourne: all my life (thats almost 22 years, yes sir born and raised)

Favorite thing about Melbourne: ok well i know how snobbish and wanky this sounds but it really is just the general cultural vibe of the place. Cool shops, galleries, people, bars, things going on etc. sorry to be a cliche but yeah it feels like every suburb has its own unique highlights, that i really dig. Also the climate.

Least favorite thing: definately the public transport system. Oooh if i had a swear jar.... this includes the trams, way overrated, buses are better.

Best place for a cheap meal: might i suggest Don-Dons on swanston st. 6-8 bucks will give you a decent value-for-money japanese meal. Great for loners popping in at night after work or uni (ie: me). Thanks go to my brother for introducing me to the joint.

Usual hangouts: well seeing as i live in Brunswick now i tend to roam around there a lot; cool shops and reasonably priced compared to all the other hip happening, jiving, uber-swinging, chilling, grooving, funking, jazzing, fazzing inner-suburbs. Yeah op-shopping is fun, if you're into that thing but if you're gonna bump into me anywhere it'll most likely be at the Brunswick Bound bookstore... looking at dvd's oddly enough. then ill go to JB Hi-Fi and check out the books... also edinburgh castle tend to have decent gigs.


  1. neat animation! that's so clever..

    oh i love the transport system here! you can get most places so quickly! and its great people watching!

  2. I'm not sure what blog to comment you back on...

    But i was going to say, it is hard to do something nice for a stranger but sometimes just a smile can mean the world to someone who's having a bad day :)

  3. There's a new Don Don's on Cardigan St in Carlton called Don Tojo. It's the same but with a bar!