Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reasons #4389 why I love Melbourne...

Yesterday I found myself at Doncaster Shoppingtown waiting to pick up some photo's. I had an hour to kill so I made my way to Cafe Moda to have myself a coffee and flick through the newspaper.

I sat myself down and browsed through the pile of magazines and newspapers and found a book! I opened it up and realised it wasn't just any book.... It was a travelling book! It had been left at the coffee shop for anyone to find and read, and pass it on to someone else...

Has anybody else heard of BookCrossing? I hadn't, but I am sure glad that I have now! The idea is that people sign up to the bookcrossing website and they can "release" books into the "wild" for other people to find. Whoever find the book can log onto the website and enter the registration code and see who else has read it and where it has been! After they have read it, the process starts all over again!

I think this idea is so much fun! I love that I can see who else has read it and what they thought, and its totally free!! Head over here to find out some more about it and get involved!

Big thanks to whoever left this little treasure for me to find :)

image by teecer


  1. Haha, what a fantastic idea! And I don't think it was a co-incidence that it was a travel book Kate.... :D

  2. Ooo... I've heard of this idea before somewhere. Such a fantastic thing to do!

    And yes, I agree with Ben. A co-incidence that it was a travel book? I think not :)

  3. This is such a great idea. I think I am going to sign up and leave some books around. I could stand to give away a few.

  4. i love melbourne too! i lived there for ten years (im 15) and have recently moved to perth- there is honsetly no city like it!
    i love the blog! such great photos :)
    if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep it up!

  5. I love this idea. It's very 'backpacker'.

  6. What a cool concept. I hope it migrates to Sydney soon :)