Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Organic wines

Picture from Mr. T in DC

Lately I have been trying to eat and drink organic. It can be hard on a limited budget and it can be even harder when you live with someone who struggles to see the benefit of paying an extra 50 cents for free range eggs.

I am trying to introduce the organic concept a step at a time. I thought a good way to get my boyfriend involved would be to start seeking out organic wines. It has become a bit of a game: 'who can find the best wine for the best price'.

It hasn't been an easy game. Our local liquor store only had one and a store clerk who asked "Organic wine? Why would you want that?" A trip to the liquor superstore resulted in three bottles of red.

Then my boyfriend surprised me. He asked if i was interested in carbon offsetting. I wasn't really sure. I had a look around and it isn't easy to find organic wines which also offset their carbon omissions. So i decided to start looking for organic wines which are grown in Victoria. I used organicwine.com.au, an online wine retailer specialising in organic wine, biodynamic wine, preservative free wine.

I have three favourites for you. They are all certified organic and grown in Victoria.

Captains Creek 2008 Moorookyle Chardonnay from Daylesford in the Macedon Ranges (Picture from organicwine.com.au)

The Carlei Green Vineyards / Sergio Bio Organic winery in Yarra Valley, Port Phillip have an organic and vegan friendly Pinot Noir, Chardonay and Sauvignon blanc.

Kangaroo Hills in Daylesford in the Macedon Ranges has a Pinot Grigio which won a Silver medal at the 2009 Australia / New Zealand Wine Show.

I will be in Daylesford in a couple of weeks so a winery trip might be in order. If you know of any other local organic wines. Leave us a comment and we will be only too happy to give them a try!

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  1. i do believe a tasting session will be required. all in the name of research, of course! yum yum!